My Stevie Wonder/ Andre Roberson tweet

My Stevie Wonder/Andre Roberson Tweet

By: Joey Mogauro

So I’m getting a lot of shit for my tweet yesterday regarding who I’d rather want at the free throw line, Andre Roberson or Stevie Wonder. Yeah, I chose Stevie Wonder and everyone’s coming at me like I’m some type of bad guy because I’d rather have a blind guy at the free throw line over someone who can actually see. People are also saying I’m not a “true” Thunder fan because I’m basically shitting on Roberson. No, I am a true Thunder fan but I also speak the truth. You guys remember the Michael Jordan “blind free throw” ? Yeah that’s right.. the BLIND FREE THROW. So why wouldn’t Stevie Wonder be able to accomplish this? I doubt he air balls both free throw attempts unlike a guy with actual vision. I don’t regret anything I said or my decision. Give me Stevie over Roberson to hit at least one free throw or even with the game on the line. I mean I can atleast count on Stevie to hit rim for christ sakes.

Thunder hand Bucks a beatdown

Thunder hand Bucks a beatdown

By: Joey Mogauro

Talk about a beatdown!! This is the type of game we’ve all been waiting for. It finally happened tonight against a red hot MVP favorite Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. I mean, I already knew we were going to win this game when Steven Adams called Giannis “old mate” in his pre game interview. But anyway, I couldn’t say one bad thing about this loss, from top to bottom every guy produced in this dominating win. Grant, who received extra minutes tonight was by far the most impressive dropping 17 off the bench shooting 55% from the field. Melo, PG had their same ole typical game. Melo dropping a quick 17 and PG dropping a quick 20. Russ continues to play as more of a play maker this season as he only dropped 12 but was only one assist shy from a usual triple double but I’m not complaining. And Adams, continues to impress and excel in the big man position grabbing 11 boards and putting up a solid 14 points. Roberson, who is always impressive on the defensive end of the ball was actually pretty impressive on the offensive end as well. Notice I don’t say that often, but it’s true.. 9 points tonight but I still don’t understand why he even gets permission to shoot one shot from three nevermind five !! There’s one other thing I took out of this game that was far impressive than anything else. When Giannis stuffed the shit out of Melo, Melo didn’t let that phase him and proved he can still win those type of battles. Melo was able to get a second opportunity and hit a fade quickly after. Just shows this guy can still bounce back and how much second opportunities can help this team get more dangerous and dangerous as this season moves on. It’s always great to head into someone’s dome and completely demolish them but let’s continue to keep handing out beatdown as Kyrie and the Celtics come to town Friday night. Bang!!

Thunder’s “accidental” Plane incident

Thunders “accidental” Plane incident

By: Joey Mogauro

Well, after yet another unfortunate loss to the T-Wolves last night another unfortunate thing happened, the Thunder literally almost died. How in the world can something like that happen to he front a plane and no one know how? Thankfully no one was hurt but it’s making me feel a little suspicious. Is someone out there to get us because of how good we are going to be? Strong possibility… I mean that’s the way I’m viewing this “accident”. I blame this on KD. End of discussion.

Thunder Buddies 10/26

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Why do you hate on Roberson so much?- Tim
It’s not that I hate Roberson, I just think he’s horrendous on offense. I mean you can’t argue that he somewhat makes an impact on offense aside making screens. Other than that the guy is just horrible. Oh yeah, did you see those two free throws the other night? Didn’t even touch rim!!

Does your article last night suggest you would rather have Oladipo over George?-Joe

Lol, you’re joking right? No man, no. Oladipo just had a far better night no question. It was just one of those nights for George, it happens to everyone man slow down.

Biggest surprise this year so far?- Aram
The way Felton is shooting the ball. The guy is making an immediate impact every time he steps foot on the floor and we need that because we can’t always rely on Melo and George to shoot 50% every night so that’s huge. And we can also rely on him to run the offense when Russ needs a break or two.

George gets a taste of is old team as Thunder defeat Pacers 114-96

George gets a taste of his old team as Thunder Defeat Pacers 114-96

By: Joey Mogauro



The Thunder defeated the Indiana Pacers 114-96 as Paul George welcomed his own club to town, well kinda. On nights like these when a star player is playing their former team for the very first time you can either expect a game to remember or a game to forget. Yep, it was definitely one of those games you want to forget if you’re Paul George. Let’s just say, it was so bad that I got to say that although the Thunder won the game, the Indiana Pacers won the trade. Paul George played a season low nineteen minutes against his former team tonight and saw the bench more than he saw the floor and the guy the Thunder traded in exchange for Paul had one of the best games in his career. Victor Oladipo, a fan favorite in Oklahoma City sure did make Thunder fans miss him in blue and orange. He put up a season high 35 points, shooting 11-18 from the field and hitting 5 out of 8 behind the three. There’s no doubt in my mind that Paul George will bounce back from this, unfortunately it was just one of those nights, everyone has them. He did mention it was going to be emotional and I’m sure it was but these are one of the games you can’t stress over. Luckily from the hot shooting in Carmelo, triple double from Russ and off the bench scoring in Felton, they were able to pick up George and get the win. Friday night will be one you won’t want to miss as the Thunder now head into Minnesota’s house looking to get that win back after Wiggins’ unreal near half court buzzer beater on Sunday night. Thunder up!

Buzzer Beater – T-Wolves 115- Thunder 113

Buzzer Beater

By: Joey Mogauro

T-Wolves 115

Thunder 113

There is nothing worse than when you think you just put a clutch W in the win column and then you lose it in a split second to a near half court buzzer beater. The Thunder fell to the T-Wolves 115-113 Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

Despite the unfortunate loss, it was one hell of a game for both teams. Russ was able to get going again after his unusual stat line he had last night in Utah. PG13 was a little slow tonight on the shooting side of the ball but was able to improve the passing game a which ended some big plays especially when we were down a good amount which was a majority of the game. Adams stays killing it with the offensive rebounds which gave the Thunder many second chances tonight. Roberson, don’t even get me started. Guys a great defender no doubt about it, but man you just signed a thirty million dollar contract and you can’t even hit rim on a damn free throw? Come on, bro. Felton and Grant shot the ball exceptionally well off the bench tonight with Felton scoring his first ten in the first half. There’s nothing better than when you got guys coming off the bench red hot while your starters are trying to fuel back up, that’s always a plus.

There’s not doubt though that biggest plus from this game despite the loss is the fact that Melo is still capable of taking those game winning shots for them, especially from the three. Coming into the season I said all along down one, two or three that Melo was the guy the Thunder want shooting the ball and tonight proved why. This team is legit, they’ll get going I’m not worried. But tonight is a perfect example as to why every shot matters in this game, especially free throws. I see a big winning streak coming, look for that to start with a dominating win on Tuesday night when Paul George welcomes his former club to OKC.

Thunder defeat Knicks in OKC debuts for George and Anthony

Thunder defeat Knicks in OKC debuts for George and Anthony

Thunder 105

Knicks 84

By: Joey Mogauro

Now I’m not going to write a blog for every single game because that would just be straight up obnoxious but I will write after certain games here and there especially the ones that just need to be talked about.

The Thunder took an easy 105-84 win against the New York Knicks in the season opener Thursday night in Oklahoma City. And, If you watched the game, you saw a shot taken from the newest members of the Oklahoma City Thunder Carmelo or Paul George 90% percent of the time, the other 10% going to Russ and Adams. Oh and yes, Russ still finished with 21 points and a typical triple double but that’s not my point. You see, I don’t have a problem at all with Melo and George taking the majority of the shots because that’s obviously why we brought them here but could they at least pass the ball a little bit? I’m not saying they had a terrible game but it wasn’t their best game that’s for sure. George was red hot in the first half so obviously you let him keep shooting but Melo couldn’t make two god damn free throws in a row in the first half he was so cold. The guy was freaking smiling after every shot he took for Christ sakes. I don’t know if he was smiling because of something someone said or did or if he was just smiling cause he realized how bad he was shooting. But my point is, if you’re going to take that many shots, at least take them when you have something going or when it’s necessary. It seemed to me that every time George or Melo had the ball in their hands they took a shot. If that’s what they signed up for then great so be it but they’re lucky as hell this game was against the god damn New York Knicks because if it were the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors or even the San Antonio Spurs I think it would have been a total different ball game. And most importantly, if I’m coach Billy Donovan I’m letting Russ drive to the rim every damn time with the ball no question. Especially against a team like the New York Knicks. The guys a freak of nature, the guy is just unstoppable. If he doesn’t make the layup, he’s at least going to get fouled for god sakes.. there’s no other way you can stop this man. LET HIM DRIVE EVERYTIME! Other than the lack of ball movement, I liked what I saw, I did. I do think this teams legit, but they still also have to rely on Russ a little bit more. I mean, there’s no doubt this is still his team and never mind he is the current NBA MVP. Now maybe I’m just exaggerating a bit because it is game one and maybe they were just trying to get a feel for one another. But, they got to realize that when they start playing the big dawgs in the Western Conference, it’s going to be a total different ball game.

Thunder Buddies 10/19

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What can we expect front Melo tonight against the Knicks?- Vick

Expect him to go off tonight against his the Knicks tonight. You saw what he said yesterday, he wanted to be there but didn’t feel the same respect back from them. I don’t think anyone wants this game more than Melo does so expect for him to get the ball a bit extra tonight and be red hot from 3.

Will be there more ups or downs from the Big 3 tonight?- Mark

It’s tough to say, Mark. I mean it is the very first time they are playing with one another so it’s obviously going to be new to all of them. Expect some struggles to start but they will definitely adjust to those struggles sooner than later.

Why don’t you have Russ finishing in the top five for MVP this season?- Mick

i just feel that in order for Russ to retain that award it would have to be a one man show again. He’s just added to more MVP caliber type players to his team.. it’s not longer a one man show in OKC, it’s now the big 3. Not saying he won’t be playing at an MVP type level but I sure do believe his points per game will go down a bit.  I think his assists numbers will go up even more than last years and his rebound numbers will stay around the same as last season.

Let the season begin!

Thunder sign #35…

Thunder sign #35…

By: Joey Mogauro

The Thunder signed Rookie Foward PJ Dozier to a 2 way contract this afternoon. There’s not much I can really say about the guy considering we haven’t seen him play in an NBA game quite yet but what I do already know about this guy is that he’s sure as hell got some ball. This guy doesn’t even have to play a game in his life, he’ll be a Thunder fan favorite for life. Dozier was spotted rocking #35 today at practice which means you can forget about the Thunder hanging that bums jersey in the rafters someday. Dozier might be my new favorite player for christ sakes just for making that move. How do you like them apples, KD? I mean wow,  It’s like I’ve never seen #35 look so great in blue and orange before, just beautiful.

My 2017-18 NBA Season Predictions

My 2017-18 NBA Season Predictions (Bold=Thunder)

By: Joey Mogauro


Western Conference

1. Golden State Warriors
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Houston Rockets
4. San Antonio Spurs
5. Minnesota Timberwolves
6. Portland Trail Blazers
7. Los Angeles Clippers
8. Memphis Grizzlies
9. New Orleans Pelicans
10. Denver Nuggets
11. Los Angeles Lakers
12. Phoenix Suns
13. Dallas Mavericks
14. Utah Jazz
15. Sacramento Kings

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Boston Celtics
3. Washington Wizards
4. Toronto Raptors
5. Milwaukee Bucks
6. Philadelphia 76ers
7. Miami Heat
8. Detroit Pistons
9. Chicago Bulls
10. New York Knicks
11. Atlanta Hawks
12. Charlotte Hornets
13. Orlando Magic
14. Indiana Pacers
15. Brooklyn Nets

MVP standings:
1. James Harden (HOU)
2. Lebron James (CLE)
3. Kawhi Leonard (SA)
4. Giannis Antetokoumpo (MIL)
5. Kyrie Iriving (BOS)

ROY standings:
1. Ben Simmons (PHI)
2. Dennis Smith Jr. (DAL)
3. Lonzo Ball (LAL)
4. De’Aaron Fox (SAC)
5. Josh Jackson (PHX)

Coach of the Year standings:
1. Brad Stevens (BOS)
2. Billy Donovan (OKC)
3. Mike D’Antoni (HOU)
4. Greg Popovich (SA)
5. Brett Brown (PHI)

Defensive POY:
1. Kawhi Leonard (SA)
2. Anthony Davis (NO)
3. Draymond Green (GSW)
4. Paul Millsap (DEN)
5. Rudy Gobert (UTA)

Sixth Man of Year standings:
1. Eric Gordon (HOU)
2. Andre Iguodoala (GSW)
3. Jamal Crawford (MIN)
4. Marcus Smart (BOS)
5. Lou Williams (LAC)

NBA Most Improved Player
1. Kristaps Porzingis (NYK)
2. Brandon Ingram (LAL)
3. Joel Embiid (PHI)
4. Jaylen Brown (BOS)
5. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)