KD, you bum

KD, You Bum

By: Joey Mogauro

Well, despite just winning his first championship with the Golden State Warriors, it’s pretty obvious KD still has the Oklahoma City Thunder and its fan base on his mind. Creating fake twitter accounts to roast your former teammates and coaches? Smooth, you bum. I thought KD was already a bitch when he decided to leave for the best team in the world and the team in which he blew a 3-1 lead to but in my opinion, he’s even more of a bitch now. I mean really, you’re one of the best athletes in the world, one of the best athletes this game has ever seen and you spend your time creating fake twitter accounts to respond to OKC fans who clearly despise you? I mean, do they hurt your feelings that much, KD? How stupid can one be to not realize what twitter account they’re tweeting off of in the first place? To be honest though, I’m even more surprised that you actually gave Russ another reason to try and ruin your life. You better wake your ass up now because your boy finally has some help, and we all know who he’s coming after this year, KD…….YOU.


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