It’s All About The Money

It’s All About the Money

By: Joey Mogauro

Yeah, I’m sure if I was offered the kind of money Griffin was to remain in LA, id probably sign the dotted line too. But, as an OKC fan it sure does hurt thinking Blake Griffin was considering signing with us this summer and didn’t. It hurts even more when you realize what this team could’ve been after acquiring guys like Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. I mean, were talking Westbrook, George, Melo, Griffin and Adams? Holy shit. Did I just write this years Western Conference starting lineup? No chance, but it just sounds that good. Do I think Blake had second thoughts after seeing the moves the Thunder were able to make this offseason? Im sure, but this guy just got 173 million dollars to live in beautiful Los Angeles, California and now there are also reports that the guy is dating Kendall Jenner too? Well, I guess he had no choice but to remain in LA after all. But please Blake, don’t be stupid and turn into the next Lamar Odom. Those Kardashians can really mess you up, man.


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