Oklahoma City Thunder Season preview 2017-2018

Oklahoma City Thunder 2017-2018 Season preview
By: Joey Mogauro

Well, where do I begin? The Oklahoma City Thunder may’ve just had their best offseason in franchise history. I mean, they already have an MVP and franchise player in Russell Westbrook, why not add two more MVP caliber franchise players in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony? There’s obviously going to be much debate comparing the new big three to the old big three. Everyone’s going to ask, why should we get so hyped about Russ teaming with Melo and PG13 in OKC when he failed to win with KD and Harden? Well, I think I can answer that question for the millions. In my opinion, I do believe the old big 3 was a more talented trio than the current trio but that doesn’t necessarily mean this trio can’t win. It’s very clear that every teams motive in the NBA today is to beat the Golden State Warriors. But, who wants to beat them more than the current MVP himself, Russell Westbrook? I’ll wait. That’s right, no one. Russ got his MVP but while accomplishing that he also saw the guy who left him in Kevin Durant take the easy way out and go win a ring and Russ knows that’s exactly what KD left him for. Russ knows KD believed he just couldn’t win with him. And its obvious he knows he needs some help and now he’s got it. You double team Russ, you got PG, you double team PG, you got Melo, this offseason couldn’t have gone any better for the Thunder. And now with Russ signing an extension to remain in OKC for another 5 years, Russ has also got to remember that he has to keep guys like these new acquisitions in Melo and PG13 satisfied playing alongside him. He needs to remember George is a Free Agent after this season and has expressed his interest in going to play for his hometown team Los Angeles Lakers next year but also made it clear that if he finds no reason to leave OKC, he won’t. As much as Russ wants to be Russ, he has to understand he needs to let PG13 be PG13 if he wants him to remain in OKC long term. We all saw George in Indiana, the guy can clearly do damage and be an MVP caliber player in the NBA but just like Russ and Melo, he knew he needed help if he wanted to win a championship of his own as well. And speaking of Melo, this is another huge acquisition because it’s very clear this guy is desperate for a championship also. I can only imagine how ecstatic he is that he got the hell out of New York and is now able to just focus on basketball. Do I believe Melo is a lock for the Hall Of Fame? I do. But I’m sure it’s up for debate. With a ring on his finger along with his ten All-star appearances and the rest of his resume, I’m very confident there won’t be any more debating that. So, do I believe this is the year? Do I believe OKC actually has a chance to beat Golden State this season? During the regular season, no question. But In seven game playoff series? I just can’t lock my answer and say yes just yet. We will just have to wait and see how this team is able to play together first but if I had to pick one team in the Western Conference to stop the Golden State Warriors from advancing to their fourth straight NBA Finals then there is no doubt in my mind that the team to do it would be none other than the Oklahoma City Thunder.


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