Thank You, Kanter

Thank You, Kanter

By: Joey Mogauro

I’m not going to lie, when i got the notification on my phone that Enes Kanter was being dealt to the Knicks, i was a bit emotional. Despite getting one of the best shooters the NBA has ever seen in Carmelo Anthony, Kanter was a fan favorite in the Oklahoma City community and represented what being a Thunder was all about. Just a few days before being traded, Kanter quoted the Thunder as “the best and most professional organization in the NBA”. There was no doubt Enes loved Oklahoma City and was in hopes of bringing a championship there but it’s a business, stuff like this has to happen unfortunately. It sucks that we won’t get to see Enes try and take KD’s head off anymore, we could all see how bad he wanted to beat Golden State and that alone was fun to watch. Although this wont be enough for the Knicks to contend for a championship, they’re for sure off to a good start with getting a guy like Kanter. It was definitely time for the Knicks to move on from Melo and it for sure wasn’t a bad move. You got to realize, yeah the Knicks probably could’ve made a better move or acquired more in exchange for Carmelo Anthony but we’re talking about a guy who is almost at the end of his career and was desperate to get on out of New York and when you acquire a guy who in my opinion is just getting to be in his prime already averaging 14 PPG, you cant complain. It’s a good start for the Knicks but most importantly hopefully it is for Kanter as well. You’ll always be a Thunder Enes and yes, WE WILL beat the Warriors for you this season.


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