Thunder Buddies 10/12

Every now and then ill be taking questions via email or Twitter DM of anything Thunder/Basketball related. Be a Thunder buddy and send em my way.

Who was your most impressed Thunder this preseason outside of the Big 3?- Kevin

I got to go with Josh Huestis easily. If i’m coach Billy Donovan, he’s earned more minutes from me going into the season opener. There is really nothing negative i can say about this guys preseason. I mean, both of his blocks against United made me jump out of my chair for christ sakes. Watching a preseason Josh Huestis, i saw a solid defender, rebounder and a guy you can count on the offensive side too with the ball in his hands. Don’t be surprised if Huestis effects Patterson’s minutes this season also in fact, don’t be surprised if his number gets called more than Patterson’s does.

PG says he’s going for the MVP award this season…does he have any legitimate chance of adding an MVP award to his resume this year playing alongside Russ and Melo?- Nick

Well, I don’t see Paul George standing in the MVP conversation at the end of this season but i will say this. I do believe he will put up better numbers this year in OKC than he did last year in Indiana and heres why… I don’t see Russ or Melo effecting his stats this season besides helping his assists column go up. There is no question that this is still Westbrook’s team but you got to look at the guys he’s playing with in OKC compared to who he’s played with the last few years in Indiana, i think these guys will only make George better to be honest. It’s also obvious the guy’s motive is to win a title and thats obviously going to be part as to why i think he will put up better numbers. But honestly, the main reason why i think he’ll put up maybe the best numbers of his career this season is because he wants that money. Paul George is a free agent after this year which means this is the year he has to prove not only to OKC but to the rest of the NBA, his worth. You see all the money these guys in the NBA are getting now a days, theres no question Paul George will get an outstanding contract offer from multiple teams next summer but if this guy is playing at an MVP type level, then this guy could easily get one of the richest contracts in NBA history.

Do you think Andre Roberson will improve on the offensive side of the ball at all?- Tom

Offense and Andre Roberson don’t go in the same sentence, sorry. Hell no, the guy clearly cant shoot, don’t put the damn ball in this guys hands PLEASE. We don’t need to worry about Andre Roberson on offense this season as opposed to last season, we have just added to pretty good shooters i believe? Roberson is only here for defense, the guy is clearly a top ten maybe top five defender in the league, thats what we need him for and thats all we need him for. I want zero discussions with Andre Roberson and the offense this season, unless it involves a damn screen. THAT IS IT.

Games on the line, down 3 who has the ball in his hand with the last shot?- Gabe

That’s easy, Melo.


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