The Truth?

The Truth?

By: Joey Mogauro

On “the Jump”, Paul Pierce was asked for his crazy prediction for this upcoming NBA season. His answer well, should make OKC fans pretty happy. “The Oklahoma City Thunder will raise the Bill Russell Larry O’Brien trophy this year with Russell Westbrook being named the Finals MVP”, Pierce said. He also later stated that he didn’t think it was even that much of a crazy prediction. So, should that make us Thunder fans a little more excited about this upcoming season hearing that from one of the great one’s to win an NBA Championship himself?  To be honest, with the situation that OKC is in right now there is really no other guy you’d want hear this from if you ask me. And here’s why, Paul Pierce can simply relate to everything that is currently going on in Oklahoma City from his time in Boston. A basketball fan growing up in Boston, I witnessed one of the winningest basketball teams ever made. That’s all due to the success of the “Big 3” that once featured three future Hall of Famers in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. You look at that team Boston once was able to put together and win a Championship with and you look at this current team in Oklahoma City and say well, why can’t Russ, Melo and PG be the next big 3 to win an NBA Championship and bring a championship to Oklahoma City? The three legends before teaming up in Boston had no rings either and ended up winning their first championship together so, why can’t this big three be the one’s to repeat that story?

Yeah I get it, the competition was completely different back then in 2008 than it is now in 2017. Also, Most big 3’s don’t always end up having success but some do. I can’t agree with The Truth just yet and say that the Thunder will bring a title to Oklahoma City this season. I still believe we have to see how these three superstars are able to play with one another first before we start talking about them possibly beating the Golden State Warriors to advance to the NBA Finals. But, I really do think Paul Pierce really likes OKC’s chances of repeating his championship story. Bringing in a three ringless, MVP caliber type players to win their first ever NBA Championship. I would sure as hell love to see a tweet from Paul Pierce at the end of this season that says “I told ya’ll so”.


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