Thunder Buddies 10/19

I typically take in questions from Thunder/NBA fans through Twitter DM’s @Joey_Mogauro14 or email at

What can we expect front Melo tonight against the Knicks?- Vick

Expect him to go off tonight against his the Knicks tonight. You saw what he said yesterday, he wanted to be there but didn’t feel the same respect back from them. I don’t think anyone wants this game more than Melo does so expect for him to get the ball a bit extra tonight and be red hot from 3.

Will be there more ups or downs from the Big 3 tonight?- Mark

It’s tough to say, Mark. I mean it is the very first time they are playing with one another so it’s obviously going to be new to all of them. Expect some struggles to start but they will definitely adjust to those struggles sooner than later.

Why don’t you have Russ finishing in the top five for MVP this season?- Mick

i just feel that in order for Russ to retain that award it would have to be a one man show again. He’s just added to more MVP caliber type players to his team.. it’s not longer a one man show in OKC, it’s now the big 3. Not saying he won’t be playing at an MVP type level but I sure do believe his points per game will go down a bit.  I think his assists numbers will go up even more than last years and his rebound numbers will stay around the same as last season.

Let the season begin!


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