Thunder defeat Knicks in OKC debuts for George and Anthony

Thunder defeat Knicks in OKC debuts for George and Anthony

Thunder 105

Knicks 84

By: Joey Mogauro

Now I’m not going to write a blog for every single game because that would just be straight up obnoxious but I will write after certain games here and there especially the ones that just need to be talked about.

The Thunder took an easy 105-84 win against the New York Knicks in the season opener Thursday night in Oklahoma City. And, If you watched the game, you saw a shot taken from the newest members of the Oklahoma City Thunder Carmelo or Paul George 90% percent of the time, the other 10% going to Russ and Adams. Oh and yes, Russ still finished with 21 points and a typical triple double but that’s not my point. You see, I don’t have a problem at all with Melo and George taking the majority of the shots because that’s obviously why we brought them here but could they at least pass the ball a little bit? I’m not saying they had a terrible game but it wasn’t their best game that’s for sure. George was red hot in the first half so obviously you let him keep shooting but Melo couldn’t make two god damn free throws in a row in the first half he was so cold. The guy was freaking smiling after every shot he took for Christ sakes. I don’t know if he was smiling because of something someone said or did or if he was just smiling cause he realized how bad he was shooting. But my point is, if you’re going to take that many shots, at least take them when you have something going or when it’s necessary. It seemed to me that every time George or Melo had the ball in their hands they took a shot. If that’s what they signed up for then great so be it but they’re lucky as hell this game was against the god damn New York Knicks because if it were the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors or even the San Antonio Spurs I think it would have been a total different ball game. And most importantly, if I’m coach Billy Donovan I’m letting Russ drive to the rim every damn time with the ball no question. Especially against a team like the New York Knicks. The guys a freak of nature, the guy is just unstoppable. If he doesn’t make the layup, he’s at least going to get fouled for god sakes.. there’s no other way you can stop this man. LET HIM DRIVE EVERYTIME! Other than the lack of ball movement, I liked what I saw, I did. I do think this teams legit, but they still also have to rely on Russ a little bit more. I mean, there’s no doubt this is still his team and never mind he is the current NBA MVP. Now maybe I’m just exaggerating a bit because it is game one and maybe they were just trying to get a feel for one another. But, they got to realize that when they start playing the big dawgs in the Western Conference, it’s going to be a total different ball game.


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