Buzzer Beater – T-Wolves 115- Thunder 113

Buzzer Beater

By: Joey Mogauro

T-Wolves 115

Thunder 113

There is nothing worse than when you think you just put a clutch W in the win column and then you lose it in a split second to a near half court buzzer beater. The Thunder fell to the T-Wolves 115-113 Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

Despite the unfortunate loss, it was one hell of a game for both teams. Russ was able to get going again after his unusual stat line he had last night in Utah. PG13 was a little slow tonight on the shooting side of the ball but was able to improve the passing game a which ended some big plays especially when we were down a good amount which was a majority of the game. Adams stays killing it with the offensive rebounds which gave the Thunder many second chances tonight. Roberson, don’t even get me started. Guys a great defender no doubt about it, but man you just signed a thirty million dollar contract and you can’t even hit rim on a damn free throw? Come on, bro. Felton and Grant shot the ball exceptionally well off the bench tonight with Felton scoring his first ten in the first half. There’s nothing better than when you got guys coming off the bench red hot while your starters are trying to fuel back up, that’s always a plus.

There’s not doubt though that biggest plus from this game despite the loss is the fact that Melo is still capable of taking those game winning shots for them, especially from the three. Coming into the season I said all along down one, two or three that Melo was the guy the Thunder want shooting the ball and tonight proved why. This team is legit, they’ll get going I’m not worried. But tonight is a perfect example as to why every shot matters in this game, especially free throws. I see a big winning streak coming, look for that to start with a dominating win on Tuesday night when Paul George welcomes his former club to OKC.


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