Thunder Buddies 10/26

I typically take in questions from fans through Twitter DM’s @Joey_Mogauro14 and email at

Why do you hate on Roberson so much?- Tim
It’s not that I hate Roberson, I just think he’s horrendous on offense. I mean you can’t argue that he somewhat makes an impact on offense aside making screens. Other than that the guy is just horrible. Oh yeah, did you see those two free throws the other night? Didn’t even touch rim!!

Does your article last night suggest you would rather have Oladipo over George?-Joe

Lol, you’re joking right? No man, no. Oladipo just had a far better night no question. It was just one of those nights for George, it happens to everyone man slow down.

Biggest surprise this year so far?- Aram
The way Felton is shooting the ball. The guy is making an immediate impact every time he steps foot on the floor and we need that because we can’t always rely on Melo and George to shoot 50% every night so that’s huge. And we can also rely on him to run the offense when Russ needs a break or two.


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