My Stevie Wonder/ Andre Roberson tweet

My Stevie Wonder/Andre Roberson Tweet

By: Joey Mogauro

So I’m getting a lot of shit for my tweet yesterday regarding who I’d rather want at the free throw line, Andre Roberson or Stevie Wonder. Yeah, I chose Stevie Wonder and everyone’s coming at me like I’m some type of bad guy because I’d rather have a blind guy at the free throw line over someone who can actually see. People are also saying I’m not a “true” Thunder fan because I’m basically shitting on Roberson. No, I am a true Thunder fan but I also speak the truth. You guys remember the Michael Jordan “blind free throw” ? Yeah that’s right.. the BLIND FREE THROW. So why wouldn’t Stevie Wonder be able to accomplish this? I doubt he air balls both free throw attempts unlike a guy with actual vision. I don’t regret anything I said or my decision. Give me Stevie over Roberson to hit at least one free throw or even with the game on the line. I mean I can atleast count on Stevie to hit rim for christ sakes.


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