Thunder hand Bucks a beatdown

Thunder hand Bucks a beatdown

By: Joey Mogauro

Talk about a beatdown!! This is the type of game we’ve all been waiting for. It finally happened tonight against a red hot MVP favorite Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. I mean, I already knew we were going to win this game when Steven Adams called Giannis “old mate” in his pre game interview. But anyway, I couldn’t say one bad thing about this loss, from top to bottom every guy produced in this dominating win. Grant, who received extra minutes tonight was by far the most impressive dropping 17 off the bench shooting 55% from the field. Melo, PG had their same ole typical game. Melo dropping a quick 17 and PG dropping a quick 20. Russ continues to play as more of a play maker this season as he only dropped 12 but was only one assist shy from a usual triple double but I’m not complaining. And Adams, continues to impress and excel in the big man position grabbing 11 boards and putting up a solid 14 points. Roberson, who is always impressive on the defensive end of the ball was actually pretty impressive on the offensive end as well. Notice I don’t say that often, but it’s true.. 9 points tonight but I still don’t understand why he even gets permission to shoot one shot from three nevermind five !! There’s one other thing I took out of this game that was far impressive than anything else. When Giannis stuffed the shit out of Melo, Melo didn’t let that phase him and proved he can still win those type of battles. Melo was able to get a second opportunity and hit a fade quickly after. Just shows this guy can still bounce back and how much second opportunities can help this team get more dangerous and dangerous as this season moves on. It’s always great to head into someone’s dome and completely demolish them but let’s continue to keep handing out beatdown as Kyrie and the Celtics come to town Friday night. Bang!!


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